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Double-edge high temperature gate valve

Gate Valves: Double-edge high temperature gate valve

Size:   8〞~56〞(DN200~DN1400)

 Temperature Range:≤816°C

Pressure Rating:PN10~PN420,CLASS 150~CLASS2500

Product Information

Backward sealing design for differentoperating mode

Interlock pneumatic design

Inert gas blockinlet and outlet fluid

Self-center-aligned ball design

High temperature abrasive resistant coatingwelded on the gate and the slide guide on valve body

 Separate-type gate design

High temperature corrosive resistant coatingon flow path

Performance data

Pressure Rating:CLASS150~CLASS2500 (PN10~PN420)


Temperature Range:≤ 816℃

design standards:API600/ASME B16.34

Structure length:ASMEB16.10

Operating mode:manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic

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